ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 1    Issue : 6    Date : September 2006

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P2P Content Searching Method using Semantic Vector which is Managed on CAN Topoogy
Yoji Yamato and Hiroshi Sunaga
Page(s): 1-9
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Analysis of Facial Dynamics Using a Tensor Framework
Lisa Gralewski, Neill Campbell, Edward Morrison and Ian Penton-Voak
Page(s): 10-21
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (809 KB)

Automatic Recognition of Facial Actions in Spontaneous Expressions
Marian Stewart Bartlett, Gwen C. Littlewort, Mark G. Frank, Claudia Lainscsek, Ian R. Fasel and
Javier R. Movellan
Page(s): 22-35
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (1,026 KB)

An Adaptive Method for Image Recovery in the DFT Domain
Peining Tao and Ahmet M. Eskicioglu
Page(s): 36-45
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Speech Quality Measurement Methods with Applying PLC Algorithms on Real-time
Transmission Control Scheme for VoIP Service
Jinsul Kim, Hyun-Woo Lee, Won Ryu, Byung Sun Lee, Seung Ho Han and Minsoo Hahn
Page(s): 46-53
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (402 KB)