ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 1    Issue : 5    Date : August 2006

Extending DRM Features to Distributed Environments
SangGyoo SIM, YunSang OH and SukBong LEE
Page(s): 36-41
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Recent electronic devices are connected with each other by various connectivity techniques. This
trend makes computing resources distributed over many devices. However, since the general DRM
models assume contents and the corresponding rights should be stored in the same space or
storage, they cannot fully support distributed environments. To fully utilize the distributed resource
and to provide more user-friendly scenario, this paper assumes the contents and the rights can be
stored in different storage. Based on the altered assumption, this paper proposes new models:
rights movement model and rights consumption model. In addition, remote playback model is
proposed, which is a specialized version of rights consumption model for rendering devices. By
enabling free flow of the contents and rights between devices, the usage of DRM systems can be
widened and more activated.

Index Terms
DRM, Distributed Computing Environment