ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 1    Issue : 4    Date : July 2006

Improved Active Shape Model for Facial Feature Extraction in Color Images
Mohammad H. Mahoor, Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb and A-Nasser Ansari
Page(s): 21-28
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In this paper we present an improved Active Shape Model (ASM) for facial features extraction. The
original ASM developed by Cootes et al.  [1] suffers from factors such as, poor model initialization,
modeling the intensity of the local structure of the facial features, and alignment of the shape model
to a new instant of the object in a given image using simple Euclidian transformation. The core of
our enhancement relies on three improvements (a) initializing the ASM model using the centers of
the mouth and eyes, which are located using color information, (b) incorporating RGB color
information to represent the local structure of the feature points, and (c) applying 2D affine
transformation in aligning the facial features that are perturbed by head pose variations, which
effectively aligns the matched facial features to the shape model and compensates for the effect of
the head pose variations. Experiments on a face database of 70 subjects show that our approach
outperforms the standard ASM and is successful in extracting facial features.

Index Terms
shape model, color image, face recognition, facial feature extraction, lips detection.