ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 1    Issue : 3    Date : June 2006

Modeling Augmented Reality User Interfaces with SSIML/AR
Arnd Vitzthum and Heinrich Hussmann
Page(s): 13-22
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Augmented Reality (AR) technologies open up new possibilities especially for task-focused
domains such as assembly and maintenance. However, it can be noticed that there is still a lack of
concepts and tools for a structured AR development process and an application specification above
the code level. To address this problem we introduce SSIML/AR, a visual modeling language for the
abstract specification of AR applications in general and AR user interfaces in particular. With
SSIML/AR, three different aspects of AR user interfaces can be described: The user interface
structure, the presentation of relevant information depending on the user’s current task and the
integration of the user interface with other system components. Code skeletons can be generated
automatically from SSIML/AR models. This enables the seamless transition from the design level to
the implementation level. In addition, we sketch how SSIML/AR models can be integrated in an
overall AR development process.

Index Terms
Augmented Reality, AR application, AR user interface, task modeling, 3D software design, scene
modeling, SSIML, SSIML/AR, AR development