ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 1    Issue : 2    Date : May 2006

Call Admission Control and Scheduling Schemes with QoS Support for Real-time Video
Applications in IEEE 802.16 Networks
Ou Yang and Jianhua Lu
Page(s): 21-29
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IEEE 802.16 networks are going to provide broadband wireless access with quality of service (QoS)
guarantee. In all of services, real-time video traffic plays an impeditive role because of its varying
bit-rate and stringent delay constraint. To the best of our knowledge, no call admission control
(CAC) and scheduling schemes cover throughput expectation, delay constraint and fairness
requirement simultaneously. In this paper, by taking advantage of traffic periodicity and regularity, a
set of CAC
and scheduling schemes for real-time video traffic in IEEE 802.16 networks is proposed.
Specifically, two key parameters are studied to compromise throughput and delay, as well as, delay
and fairness. Simulations with real life video traces show that the proposed schemes may well
bear flexibility in balancing throughput, delay and fairness, or, offering significant throughput
improvement with acceptable delay and fairness.

Index Terms
IEEE 802.16, real-time video, QoS, CAC, scheduling, throughput, fairness.