ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 1    Issue : 1    Date : April 2006

Bhattacharyya Coefficient in Correlation of Gray-Scale Objects
M. Sohail Khalid, M. Umer Ilyas, M. Saquib Sarfaraz and M. Asim Ajaz
Page(s): 56-61
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Bhattacharyya coefficient is a popular method that uses color histograms to correlate images.
Bhattacharyya Coefficient is believed to be the absolute similarity measure for frequency coded data
and it needs no bias correction. In this paper, we show that when this method is applied to gray
scale images, it produces biased results. Correlation based on this measure is not adequate for
common gray scale images, as the color in grayscale is not a sufficient feature. The biased ness is
explored and demonstrated through numerous experiments with different kinds of non-rigid
maneuvering objects in cluttered and less cluttered environments, in context to the object tracking.
The spectral performance of the Bhattacharyya curve is compared with the spatial matching criterion
i.e. Mean Square Difference.

Index Terms
bhattacharyya coefficient, correlation, mean square difference, object tracking