ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 1    Issue : 1    Date : April 2006

Delivering Audio and Video with Rich Site Summary Enclosures
Kevin Curran and Sheila Mc Kinney
Page(s): 24-31
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Rich Site Summary (RSS) technology is a web content syndication format commonly used to
organise news and the content of news-like sites. Indeed any information that can be broken down
into ‘discrete items’ can be syndicated via RSS. RSS has been extended to include tags known as
RSS enclosures which allow audio and video to be described in terms of location, duration and
size. Once data about each element is established in an RSS format, a program called an
aggregator can check the feed frequently for changes and updates and act accordingly. This paper
documents a scheduled RSS Multimedia prototype which utilises idle computer time (at night) to
subscribe to media RSS channels in order to download audio and video content. Thus when the
user arrives in the morning, there are fresh clips ‘sitting on the desktop’. Now when a video link is
now clicked, it starts playing immediately, as it is already on the local disk thus the wait is zero.

Index Terms
RSS, enclosures, scheduled content delivery, WWW