Journal of Multimedia (JMM, ISSN 1796-2048)
Special Issue on Event Driven Multimedia Surveillance Systems [PDF]

Surveillance can function both as a deterrent to help prevent crime, as well as an investigative tool to aid
us in identifying an interloper. Multimedia surveillance can timely record evidences, intelligent surveillance
is able to provide multimedia analysis and auto alarms which strengthen a human’s response and greatly
reduce human labour work. Events describe the content of audio and video as a semantic unit, it bridges
the gap between physical world and semantic cyberspace. A picture is more than thousands words, an
event is worth thousands pictures. A surveillance video may convey invaluable information of security.
Without proper management, it is impossible to explore the huge volume of videos and audios achieved
daily. In this special issue, we focus on event driven multimedia surveillance systems from the
experiential point of view. The semantics in multimodal multimedia data are extremely emphasized. The
special issue seeks high-quality papers, which utilize event centric knowledge from machine vision,
machine learning, pattern recognition, data mining, and artificial intelligence to find the truths behind the
events which can be used in multimedia surveillance. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

    • Multimedia Sensor Deployment and Management
    • Multimedia Data Capturing and Understanding
    • Multimedia Events Detection and Recognition
    • Multimedia Events Search and Retrieval
    • Multimedia Events Mining and Reasoning
    • Multimedia Events Management and Exploration


Manuscripts should be submitted electronically by following the information for authors at http://www. Both the manuscripts and cover letter should be clearly
marked to indicate that they are being submitted for consideration for this special issue. They will be
logged and sent to the special issue editors for review. All papers will be reviewed by following the
guidelines of the journal.

Important Dates

    Paper submission deadline                            10 April 2010
    Completion of the first round of reviews        10 June 2010
    Final review and selection of papers              10 August 2010
    Final manuscripts                                               10 October 2010
    Publication of the Special Issue                       December 2011

Guest Editors

    Dr. Weiqi Yan, Queen’s University Belfast, UK
    Dr. Sabu Emmanuel, NanYang Technological University, Singapore
    Prof. Mohan S Kankanhalli, National University of Singapore, Singapore
    Prof. Ramesh Jain, University of California, Irvine, USA