ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 11    Date : November 2009

Efficient Intelligent Localization Scheme for Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks
Chunlai Chai
Page(s): 1159-1166
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To estimate location accurately in distributed wireless sensor networks (WSNs), an efficient
intelligent position estimation scheme is proposed which needs fewer known nodes without
calculating relative positions. The proposed intelligent localization scheme includes two phases. In
the first phase, an initialization location algorithm is adopted, where known nodes broadcast their
positions and one-hop distances, and then unknown nodes use the received information and
operate weighted estimation algorithm to calculate their initial positions. In the second phase, an
optimized location algorithm is employed. Unknown nodes exchange information with their
neighbors and operate a modified weighted estimation algorithm to refine their positions
repeatedly. Additionally, a location scheme also is proposed to solve the problem that a node only
has two neighbors. Detailed simulation results show that, the proposed scheme can decrease the
average position error down to 9% radio range, and increase the average number of located nodes
up to 78% when connectivity is greater than 12 in 20% known node ratio.

Index Terms
ingtellignent localization, wireless sensor networks, distributed algorithm