ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 11    Date : November 2009

Voronoi Image Segmentation and Its Applications to Geoinformatics
Ickjai Lee, Kyungmi Lee, and Christopher Torpelund-Bruin
Page(s): 1101-1108
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As various geospatial images are available for analysis, there is a strong need for an intelligent
geospatial image processing method. Segmenting and districting digital images is a core process
and is of great importance in many geo-related applications. We propose a flexible image
segmentation framework based on generalized Voronoi diagrams through Euclidean distance
transforms. We introduce a three-scan algorithm that segments images in O(N) time when N is the
number of pixels. The algorithm is capable of handling generators of complex types (point, line and
area), Minkowski metrics and different weights. This paper also provides applications of the
proposed method in various geoinformation datasets. Illustrated examples demonstrate the
usefulness and robustness of our proposed method.

Index Terms
Image segmentation, Voronoi diagram, Geoinformatics, Raster