ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 11    Date : November 2009

An Automated Test System for Flight Simulator Fidelity Evaluation
Chunguang Wang, Jingfeng He, Guixian Li, and Junwei Han
Page(s): 1083-1090
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The paper implements an automated test system for evaluating flight simulator fidelity. Flight
simulator fidelity is determined by direct comparison to flight test, the detailed design process and
arithmetic are given. These problems about how to measure simulator fidelity and about how much
fidelity is required to guarantee a certain level of transfer of training is solved. The automated test
system  consist of testing item file, the file parser ,trim function and the flying part of the test
,evaluation way and transport delay measurement. The design process extends the first phase
research results and sums up the two phase results. The test results imply the system structure is
reasonable, its performance is effective. The ability to set up and stabilize aircraft model for each
test item and act on virtual pilot is the most important contributor to the test efficiencies of the flight
simulator automated test system.

Index Terms
Fidelity Evaluation; Automated Test; Transport Delay, Flight Simulator