ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 11    Date : November 2009

Special Issue: Selected Best Papers of International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and
Data Mining 2008 (WKDD 2008) - Track on Information Processing
Guest Editors: Qi Luo and Ben K. M. Sim

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Guest Editorial
Qi Luo and Ben K. M. Sim
Page(s): 1073-1074
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Forecasting Fish Stock Recruitment and Planning Optimal Harvesting Strategies by Using
Neural Network
Lin Sun, Hongjun Xiao, Shouju Li, and Dequan Yang
Page(s): 1075-1082
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An Automated Test System for Flight Simulator Fidelity Evaluation
Chunguang Wang, Jingfeng He, Guixian Li, and Junwei Han
Page(s): 1083-1090
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An Improved Image Encryption Algorithm based on Chaotic System
Shubo Liu, Jing Sun, and Zhengquan Xu
Page(s): 1091-1100
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Voronoi Image Segmentation and Its Applications to Geoinformatics
Ickjai Lee, Kyungmi Lee, and Christopher Torpelund-Bruin
Page(s): 1101-1108
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Formation Mechanism of Green Strategic Alliances and Its Cooperative System for Coal-Mining
Eco-Industrial Parks Based on Synthetic Decision Support System
Li Yang and Malin Song
Page(s): 1109-1116
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Detection and Classification of Non-self Based on System Call Related to Security
Jimin Li, Zhen Li, and Kunlun Li
Page(s): 1117-1124
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Intelligent Trace and Evaluation for Parallel Programming Based on Architectural Details
Jiaxin Li, Feng Shi, Ning Deng, Qi Zuo, Zuo Wang, and Mengxiao Liu
Page(s): 1125-1132
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CFD-based Study of Velocity Distribution among Multiple Parallel Microchannels
Minqiang Pan, Dehuai Zeng, Yong Tang, and Dongqing Chen
Page(s): 1133-1138
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Integration of Multi-layer SVM Classifier and Multistage Dynamic Fuzzy Judgement and Its
Application in SCDA Measurement
Zhibin Liu, Haifen Yang, and Shaomei Yang
Page(s): 1139-1144
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Evaluating the Network and Information System Security Based on SVM Model
Shaomei Yang, Donglei Liu, and Zhibin Liu
Page(s): 1145-1150
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A Hybrid System Based on Neural Network and Immune Co-Evolutionary Algorithm for Garment
Pattern Design Optimization
Zhi-Hua Hu
Page(s): 1151-1158
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Efficient Intelligent Localization Scheme for Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks
Chunlai Chai
Page(s): 1159-1166
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A Research on Mixture Splitting for CHMM Based on DBC
Gang Liu, Wei Chen, and Jun Guo
Page(s): 1167-1174
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Modeling and Simulation of Crush Natural Gas Turbo Engine
Rongdi Yuan, Huizong Feng, and Ming Cen
Page(s): 1175-1181
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The Application of Liquid State Machines in Robot Path Planning
Yanduo Zhang and Kun Wang
Page(s): 1182-1186
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