ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 10    Date : October 2009

Management of Attainable Tradeoffs between Conflicting Goals
Marek Makowski
Page(s): 1033-1042
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Rational decision-making requires governance of attainable trade-offs between conflicting goals,
uncertainties and risks, which in turn demands both novel modeling methods and appropriate
modeling technology. The paper deals with recent developments in applied modeling that have
been motivated by the requirements for model-based support of solving complex problems. It starts
with presenting novel modeling technology and integrated methods of integrated model analysis
aimed at supporting decisionmakers in diversified ways of analysis of the underlying decision
problem. Then, multicriteria analysis is discussed in more detail with a focus on an extension of the
reference point optimization, which supports an effective analysis of trade-offs between conflicting
criteria aiming at analysis of attainable goals. Next, new approaches to coping with endogenous
uncertainty and catastrophic risks are characterized, followed by a summary of issues related to
transparency and public understanding.

Index Terms
multicriteria optimization, decision-making support, uncertainty, risk, structured modeling, modeling
systems and languages, model management, database management systems