ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 10    Date : October 2009

New Computer Protocol with Subsensory Stimulation and Visual/Auditory Biofeedback for
Balance Assessment in Amputees
Ming-Yih Lee, Kok-Soon Soon, and Chih-Feng Lin
Page(s): 1005-1011
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In this study, we hypothesized that the static standing weight bearing steadiness and dynamic
walking weight shifting stability could be improved by providing neuromuscular facilitation using
subsensory stimulation and visual–auditory biofeedback in amputee respectively. To test this
hypothesis, a computer protocol with sensory feedback neuromuscular facilitation system was
developed and used for clinical assessment. Seven unilateral transtibial amputees who
consecutively worn prosthetics over two years were recruited. Experimental results show a
reduction in all of the postural sway related indices and increase in single-leg holding time index
during static quiet standing by applying subsensory stimulation. With visual–auditory biofeedback
for providing clue for heel contact and toe push-off condition during dynamic ambulation, an
improvement in all four dynamic walking weight shifting stability indices in amputees was verified.
This study provided evidence that sensory feedback neuromuscular stimulation may put amputees
at better balance capability.

Index Terms
static standing, weight bearing, steadiness, dynamic walking weight shifting, stability