ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 10    Date : October 2009

Human Intent Representation in Knowledge Intensive Product Model
László Horváth and Imre J. Rudas
Page(s): 954-961
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Success in engineering activities mostly depends on success in transfer of human intent into
product. Recently, product development applies product model as medium to describe product
information in product data base. While modeling gives a great chance for the description of
engineer’s intent, current information based product models are not capable of this description.
Human intent remains in the mind of engineers and its description in interrelated data of
engineering objects is still at a shallow level. Because the main barrier is information based nature
of current product models, the authors propose a method to extend this product model to the
background of modeled object information to include human intent. Called as information content
based modeling, this new product modeling method is developed starting from modeled intent of
engineers and other influencing people. Definition of information in the product model is controlled
by human intent and other information content entities that are also defined by using of model of
human intent. This paper concentrates on definition of human control on product model information,
modeling of human intent, human intent based definition of information content and some
implementation issues.

Index Terms
product development, product lifecycle management, modeling of human intent, information content
based product model