ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 10    Date : October 2009

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DTMOS Based Low Power High Speed Interconnects for FPGA
Kureshi Abdul Kadir and Mohd Hasan
Page(s): 921-926
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Low Power Processor Architectures and Contemporary Techniques for Power Optimization – A
Muhammad Yasir Qadri, Hemal S. Gujarathi, and Klaus D. McDonald-Maier
Page(s): 927-942
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Feature Discovery by Information Loss
Ryotaro Kamimura
Page(s): 943-953
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (690 KB)

Human Intent Representation in Knowledge Intensive Product Model
László Horváth and Imre J. Rudas
Page(s): 954-961
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (583 KB)

Designs of Second-Order Associated Memory Networks with Threshold Logics: Winner-Take-
All and Selective Voting
Toshiro Kubota
Page(s): 962-974
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Robotic Exploration Utility for Urban Search and Rescue Tasks
Kristopher M. Thornburg and Geb W. Thomas
Page(s): 975-980
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (1,068 KB)

Modeling and Analysis of Multi-agent Systems using Petri Nets
Jose R. Celaya, Alan A. Desrochers, and Robert J. Graves
Page(s): 981-996
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Payment Plan for the Delegation of One or Two Inspection Agencies
Mamoru Yoshida and Hirokazu Tatano
Page(s): 997-1004
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New Computer Protocol with Subsensory Stimulation and Visual/Auditory Biofeedback for
Balance Assessment in Amputees
Ming-Yih Lee, Kok-Soon Soon, and Chih-Feng Lin
Page(s): 1005-1011
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Eyes Draw Auxiliary Lines in Interpreting Images
Yukio Ohsawa and Yusuke Maeda
Page(s): 1012-1021
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Model-based Robust Fault Diagnosis for Satellite Control Systems Using Learning and Sliding
Mode Approaches
Qing Wu and Mehrdad Saif
Page(s): 1022-1032
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Management of Attainable Tradeoffs between Conflicting Goals
Marek Makowski
Page(s): 1033-1042
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In Search of Systems “DNA"
John Boardman, Brian Sauser, and Dinesh Verma
Page(s): 1043-1052
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Contact Detection Algorithms
S. Kockara, T. Halic, C. Bayrak, K. Iqbal, and R. A. Rowe
Page(s): 1053-1063
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A Novel Method of Phase Current Compensation for Switched Reluctance Motor System Based
on Finite Element
Haijun Zhang, Jingjun Zhang, and Ruizhen Gao
Page(s): 1064-1071
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