ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 9    Date : September 2009

Data Management of Mobile Object Tracking Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jin Zheng, Weijia Jia, and Guojun Wang
Page(s): 845-852
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In this paper, we focus on the data management problem of object tracking applications in wireless
sensor networks. We propose link-segment storage and query protocol to track mobile object in
wireless sensor network dynamically. The main idea of our protocol is to combine advantages of
local storage with data centric storage methods to support the query of object movement
information efficiently. Object’s movement information will be stored in node near detecting sensor
and the relation of storage nodes is maintained using multiple access entry linked list along the
moving path of the object. Index-store node (a designated node) stores the access entry messages
of linked list. Performance analysis and simulation studies show that the proposed protocol is
energy efficient, with high probability of successful query and low query latency.

Index Terms
Wireless sensor networks, object tracking, linked list, segment.