ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 9    Date : September 2009

Measuring Software Component Reusability by Coupling and Cohesion Metrics
Gui Gui and Paul. D. Scott
Page(s): 797-805
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This paper proposes a set of new static metrics of coupling and cohesion developed to assess the
reusability of Java components retrieved from the Internet by a software component search engine.
These metrics differ from the majority of established metrics in three respects: they measure the
degree to which entities are coupled or resemble each other, they quantitatively take account of
indirect coupling and cohesion relationship and they also reflect the functional complexity of classes
and methods. An empirical comparison of the new metrics with eight established metrics is
described. Results show the new metrics are consistently superior at measuring and ranking the
reusability of software components.

Index Terms
Coupling, Cohesion, Metrics, Software Component, Reusability