ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 8    Date : August 2009

A Practical Dynamic Frequency Scaling Solution to DPM in Embedded Linux Systems
YuHua Zhang, LongHua Qian, Qiang Lv, Peide Qian, and Shengchao Guo
Page(s): 787-793
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Traditional power management enables CPU to switch among different power consumption modes
such as running, idle and standby to save energy to a certain degree. In battery-powered embedded
Linux systems, power management plays an even more important role than in desktops. This paper
proposes a practical solution to dynamic power management (DPM) based on dynamic frequency
scaling (DFS). According to the system workload, it switches the working frequency among several
predefined settings. This paper presents a design and implementation of the solution in an
embedded Linux system. Experimental results on an Intel PXA250-based system have
demonstrated that the system running a DPM-enabled Linux can save up to 44% of execution time
with less than 8% extra power consumption in an email application.

Index Terms
Dynamic Frequency Scaling, Dynamic Voltage Scaling, Embedded Linux