ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 8    Date : August 2009

A Smart Targeting System for Online Advertising
Weihui Dai, Xingyun Dai, and Tao Sun
Page(s): 778-786
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With the rapid increase of online advertisements in marketing, as well as the user's attention
resources are becoming scarce, targeting technique is applied to improve the efficiency and
effectiveness of online advertising by delivering the right advertisement to the right audience, at the
right time and situation, and with the right method. The attention of current targeting is transformed
from content targeting, frequency targeting, time targeting and geographical targeting to the
extended targeting based on user’s characteristics, with data mining technique and behavior
modeling technique on the analysis of users. The protection of privacy has been an argued issue
along with the application of above technique.
This paper presents a smart targeting system with high efficiency, effectiveness and protection of
privacy. It uses Web content mining and Web usage mining techniques to track and mine the user
behaviors hiding in the historical and current user sessions, and designs interfaces for maintaining
the advertising rules, which can control the targeting system to automatically deliver the
personalized advertisements. All the related knowledge and rules are integrated by one unified
vector space model. The process of targeting doesn’t require any sensitive data input by users, so
their privacy is protected.

Index Terms
online advertising, web advertising, personalization, behavioral targeting, web mining