ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 8    Date : August 2009

Resolution of a Combinatorial Problem using Cultural Algorithms
Alberto Ochoa, Julio Ponce, Arturo Hernández, and Liang Li
Page(s): 738-741
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Many problems involve not structured environments which can be solved from the perspective of
Bioinspired Algorithms (Cultural Algorithms). In this paper, a proposed algorithm is used to resolve
a famous game known as Japanese puzzles, which are analyzed for obtain the optimal solution.
The authors show that Japanese Puzzles are constrained combinatorial optimization problems,
which can be solved using Cultural Algorithms. Other features, such the use of a belief space
involve many proposed solutions and local search heuristics; can also be taught using these

Index Terms
Multiobjetive problem, Japanese Puzzles, Cultural Algorithms