ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 8    Date : August 2009

A Hybrid System Based on a Filter Bank and a Successive Approximations Threshold for
Microcalcifications Detection
Humberto Ochoa, Osslan Vergara, Vianey Cruz, and Efrén Gútierrez
Page(s): 691-696
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In this paper, we propose a new hybrid system for microcalcifications detection in digital
mammograms, using the combination of the CDF 9/7 filter bank and a successive approximations
threshold. Microcalcifications are low contrast samples and only have a few pixels in diameter
which are difficult to detect. We shown that microcalcifications have not only support in high
frequency regions, but also along the entire frequency spectrum. The digital mammograms are
analyzed and the lowest frequency subband dropped. After recovering the image a successive
threshold is calculated to keep the samples with higher amplitudes. Results show that the
proposed method reveals accurately the small injuries in digital mammograms.

Index Terms
Breast cancer, Microcalcifications detection, Filter bank, DCF 9/7