ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 8    Date : August 2009

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Special Issue: Trends in Hybrid Intelligent Systems
Guest Editors: Alberto Ochoa O. Zezzatti and Alejandro Padilla

Guest Editorial
Alberto Ochoa O. Zezzatti and Alejandro Padilla
Page(s): 689-690
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A Hybrid System Based on a Filter Bank and a Successive Approximations Threshold for
Microcalcifications Detection
Humberto Ochoa, Osslan Vergara, Vianey Cruz, and Efrén Gútierrez
Page(s): 691-696
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Development of a Discrete Event Controller Supervisor using a Hybrid Matrix Formulation with
Fuzzy Logic Conflict Resolution  
Jose Mireles Jr., Frank L. Lewis, Roberto C. Ambrosio, and Edgar Martínez
Page(s): 697-704
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Web Service-Security Specification based on Usability Criteria and Pattern Approach
Ricardo Mendoza González, Miguel Vargas Martin, Jaime Muñoz Arteaga, Francisco J. Álvarez
Rodríguez, and Carlos A. Ochoa Ortíz Zezzatti
Page(s): 705-712
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A Hybrid System Approach to Determine the Ranking of a Debutant Country in Eurovision
Alberto Ochoa, Angel E. Muñoz-Zavala, and Arturo Hernández-Aguirre
Page(s): 713-720
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Semi-automatic Generation of Subcategorization Frames for Spanish Verbs Using Ontologies
and Verbs Functional Class
Rodolfo A. Pazos R., José A. Martínez F., Javier González B., María L. Morales-Rodríguez, and
Alberto Castro H.
Page(s): 721-726
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Improving Distributed Resource Search through a Statistical Methodology of Topological
Feature Selection
Claudia Gómez Santillán, Laura Cruz-Reyes, Eustorgio Meza, Tania Turrubiates López, Marco A.
Aguirre Lam, and Elisa Schaeffer
Page(s): 727-733
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Evolving Optimization to Improve Diorama’s Representation using a Mosaic Image
Simonné Suarent, Alberto Ochoa, S. Jöns, Fernando Montes, and Alessandra Spianetta
Page(s): 734-737
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Resolution of a Combinatorial Problem using Cultural Algorithms
Alberto Ochoa, Julio Ponce, Arturo Hernández, and Liang Li
Page(s): 738-741
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Musical Recommendation on Thematic Web Radio
Alberto Ochoa, Saúl González, Cynthia Esquivel, Girolama Matozzi, and Abigaíl Maffucci
Page(s): 742-746
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Research on Running Time Behavior Analyzing and Trend Predicting of Modern Distributed
Junfeng Man, Zhicheng Wen, Changyun Li, and Xiangbing Wen
Page(s): 747-754
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Subtractive Clustering Based RBF Neural Network Model for Outlier Detection
Peng Yang, Qingsheng Zhu, and Xun Zhong
Page(s): 755-762
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Texture Image Classification Using Visual Perceptual Texture Features and Gabor Wavelet
Muwei Jian, Haoyan Guo, and Lei Liu
Page(s): 763-770
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Vehicle License Plate Detection Method Based on Sliding Concentric Windows and Histogram
Kaushik Deb, Hyun-Uk Chae, and Kang-Hyun Jo
Page(s): 771-777
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A Smart Targeting System for Online Advertising
Weihui Dai, Xingyun Dai, and Tao Sun
Page(s): 778-786
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A Practical Dynamic Frequency Scaling Solution to DPM in Embedded Linux Systems
YuHua Zhang, LongHua Qian, Qiang Lv, Peide Qian, and Shengchao Guo
Page(s): 787-793
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