ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 7    Date : July 2009

Modeling and Analysis of a Real-Time System Using the Networks of Extended Petri
Mohammed Blej and Mostafa Azizi
Page(s): 641-645
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In this paper, we propose to study and analyze the tasks of a robot and the interaction with its
environment, by using the power of Petri nets modelling, especially the timed nets. Our system
consists of a robot, a programmable automaton and a computer. We consider the execution of the
tasks taking into account the temporal constraints. So, we use the temporal Petri nets to model the
whole system and also for its verification. We describe the obtained Petri net and the constraints
textually or graphically in the environment TINA, an open source tool dedicated for timed Petri nets.
We note that the Petri nets have good qualities of abstraction from the modelling point of view
compared to the finite state machines which suffer from the states explosion problem, related to the
accessibility graph. Moreover, the consideration of the temporal constraints adds an important
complexity to the problem; the system which was carried out successfully in the case "without
temporal constraints", can get in a dead lock state in the case "with temporal constraints" if these
constraints are not satisfied.

Index Terms
Time Petri nets, Tool TINA, Real time system, Task managing, Time constraints