ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 7    Date : July 2009

Increasing SLAM Performance by Integrating Grid and Topology Map
Suhyeon Kim, Hyungrae Kim, and Tae-Kyu Yang
Page(s): 601-609
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The technique of simultaneous localization and mapping is the most important research topic in
mobile robotics. In the process of building a map in its available memory, the robot memorizes
environmental information on the plane of grid or topology. Several approaches about this technique
have been presented so far, but most of them use mapping technique as either grid-based map or
topology-based map. In this paper we propose a frame of solving the SLAM problem of linking map
covering, map building, localizing, path finding and obstacle avoiding in an automated way. Some
algorithms integrating grid and topology map are considered and they make the SLAM performance
faster and more stable. The proposed scheme uses an occupancy grid map in representing the
environment and then formulates topological information in path finding by Dijikstra algorithm. The
mapping process is shown and the shortest path is decided on grid based map. Then topological
information such as direction, distance are calculated on a simulator program then transmitted to
robot hardware devices. The localization process and the dynamic obstacle avoidance can be
accomplished by topological information on the grid map. While mapping and moving, pose of the
robot is adjusted for correct localization by implementing additional pixel based image layer and
tracking features. A laser range finder and electronic compass systems are implemented on the
mobile robot and DC geared motor wheels are individually controlled by PD based adaptive way.
Simulations and experimental results show performance and efficiency of the proposed scheme.

Index Terms
SLAM, hybrid map, path finding, Dijikstra algorithm