ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 7    Date : July 2009

Cluster-based Three-dimensional Localization Algorithm for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
Jian Shu, Ronglei Zhang, Linlan Liu, Zhenhua Wu, and Zhiping Zhou
Page(s): 585-592
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In wireless sensor networks, three-dimensional localization is important for applications. It becomes a
challenge with the scale of network getting large. This paper proposes a three-dimensional localization
algorithm for large scale WSN on the basis of cluster. Focusing on the MDS-based localization, it
adopts the cluster structure and the global coordinate system to represent the whole network logically,
and reduces the influence of range measurement errors through decreasing the probability of
multi-hop. With the combination of variable power of nodes and the triangle principle, the range
measurement errors can be corrected. Through the comparison of three different computations in the
algorithm of simulations, correction effects are presented. To address the proposed algorithm,
CBLALS, more convincible, the comparison of CBLALS and DV-Distance (3D) is taken. The result
shows that the positioning accuracy of CBLALS is much better than the one of DV-Distance (3D). With
the increasing of the range measurement error, the positioning error of CBLALS varies gently, and
could be controlled within 55% while the range measurement error is 30%.

Index Terms
Wireless Sensor Networks,Three-dimensional Localization, Multidimensional Scaling