ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 7    Date : July 2009

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A High Density and Low Power Cache Based on Novel SRAM Cell
Arash Azizi Mazreah, Mohammad Taghi Manzuri, and Ali Mehrparvar
Page(s): 567-575
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H∞ Tracking Performance Design for Fuzzy-Model-Based Descriptor Systems Subject to
Parameter Uncertainties
Wen-Shyong Yu
Page(s): 576-584
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Cluster-based Three-dimensional Localization Algorithm for Large Scale Wireless Sensor
Jian Shu, Ronglei Zhang, Linlan Liu, Zhenhua Wu, and Zhiping Zhou
Page(s): 585-592
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Fuzzy Set Theoretical Analysis of Human Membership Values on the Color Triangle
Naotoshi Sugano, Shou Komatsuzaki, Hiroyuki Ono, and Yuko Chiba
Page(s): 593-600
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (786 KB)

Increasing SLAM Performance by Integrating Grid and Topology Map
Suhyeon Kim, Hyungrae Kim, and Tae-Kyu Yang
Page(s): 601-609
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Effects of Substrate Permittivity on Planar Inverted-F Antenna Performances
Yves-Thierry Jean-Charles, Vichate Ungvichian, and Juciana A. Barbosa
Page(s): 610-614
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A Novel Video Content Understanding Scheme Based on Feature Combination Strategy
Xinghao Jiang, Tanfeng Sun, Bin Chen, Rongjie Li, and Bing Feng
Page(s): 615-622
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A New Signal Processing based Method for Reactive Power Measurements
Adalet Abiyev
Page(s): 623-630
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A Replica Management Protocol in a Binary Balanced Tree Structure-Based P2P Network
Hidehisa Takamizawa, Kazuhiro Saji, and Masayoshi Aritsugi
Page(s): 631-640
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Modeling and Analysis of a Real-Time System Using the Networks of Extended Petri
Mohammed Blej and Mostafa Azizi
Page(s): 641-645
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Detection of LSB Matching Steganography using the Envelope of Histogram
Jun Zhang, Yuping Hu, and Zhibin Yuan
Page(s): 646-653
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An Enhanced Quorum Selection Algorithm
Samer Younes and Ramzi A. Haraty
Page(s): 654-662
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Password Generation and Search Space Reduction
Kirsi Helkala and Einar Snekkenes
Page(s): 663-669
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Handwritten Signature Verification Using Complementary Statistical Models
Alan McCabe and Jarrod Trevathan
Page(s): 670-680
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (435 KB)

Multiresolution Subband Blind Source Separation: Models and Methods
Hongwei Li, Rui Li, and Fasong Wang
Page(s): 681-688
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