ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 6    Date : June 2009

A Framework for an Ontology-based E-commerce Product Information Retrieval System
Liyi Zhang, Mingzhu Zhu, and Wei Huang
Page(s): 436-443
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With the rapid development of e-commerce, online shopping has become an important part in
people's lives, in order to support the smooth development of e-commerce activities, how to provide
users with an efficient and practical product information search method has become an urgent and
critical problem. This paper presents a framework for an ontology-based e-commerce product
information retrieval system and proposes an ontology-based adaptation of the classical Vector
Space Model with the consideration of the weight of product attribute. A computer and components
related ontology has been built, which is adopted to annotate the html documents and construct
concept vectors of the documents. Then the system test is done and the experimental result
indicates that our proposal is better than the traditional keywords based search.

Index Terms
Information retrieval, Product information, E-commerce, Ontology