ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 5    Date : May 2009

Special Issue: Security and High Performance Computer Systems
Guest Editors: Luca Spalazzi and Ratan Guha

Article Information

Luca Spalazzi and Ratan Guha
Page(s): 355-356
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On Classification Approaches for Misbehavior Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Matthias Becker, Martin Drozda, Sven Schaust, Sebastian Bohlmann, and Helena Szczerbicka
Page(s): 357-365
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (450 KB)

TPMC: A Model Checker For Time–Sensitive Security Protocols
Massimo Benerecetti, Nicola Cuomo, and Adriano Peron
Page(s): 366-377
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (372 KB)

An Architecture for Distributed Dictionary Attacks to Cryptosystems
Massimo Bernaschi, Mauro Bisson, Emanuele Gabrielli, and Simone Tacconi
Page(s): 378-386
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (397 KB)

An IPS for Web Applications
Angelo Biscotti, Gianluca Capuzzi, Egidio Cardinale, Francesco Pagliarecci, Luca Spalazzi
Page(s): 387-394
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (371 KB)

Security and Results of a Large-Scale High-Interaction Honeypot
Jeremy Briffaut, Jean-Francois Lalande, and Christian Toinard
Page(s): 395-404
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (638 KB)

Efficient Virus Detection Using Dynamic Instruction Sequences
Jianyong Dai, Ratan Guha, and Joohan Lee
Page(s): 405-414
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (541 KB)

A Pseudonymity System for Grids
Joni Hahkala, Henri Mikkonen, Mika Silander, and John White
Page(s): 415-422
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (445 KB)

Classification of Malicious Distributed SELinux Activities
Mathieu Blanc, Patrice Clemente, Jonathan Rouzaud-Cornabas, and Christian Toinard
Page(s): 423-432
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (695 KB)