ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 4    Date : April 2009

A Charge-Sensing-Capable Source Driver for TFT Array Testing in System-on-Panel Displays
Chen-Wei Lin and Jiun-Lang Huang
Page(s): 338-346
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Inside a modern flat-panel display, the TFT array acts as the analog memory that stores the image
information. To ensure high overall yield, it is crucial to thoroughly test the TFT array before it enters
the assembly line. However, TFT array testing gets complicated in systemon-panel displays
because the peripheral circuits integrated on the same substrate as the array limit the access to the
array’s inputs and outputs. This paper presents a builtin source driver design to facilitate TFT array
testing for system-on-panel displays. In addition to writing data to the TFT array pixels, the proposed
source driver is capable of executing the charge-sensing test and serial read-out of the charge-
sensing results—both help reduce the required test equipment performance and complexity. The
proposed source driver has been designed in LTPS technology. Circuit simulation results are
shown to validate its performance.

Index Terms
TFT-LCD, TFT array testing, source driver, design-for-test, charge-sensing