ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 4    Date : April 2009

Multi-agent Platform and Toolbox for Fault Tolerant Networked Control Systems
Mário J. G. C. Mendes, Bruno M. S. Santos and José Sá da Costa
Page(s): 303-310
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Industrial distributed networked control systems use different communication networks to exchange
different critical levels of information. Real-time control, fault diagnosis (FDI) and Fault Tolerant
Networked Control (FTNC) systems demand one of the more stringent data exchange in the
communication networks of these networked control systems (NCS).
When dealing with large-scale complex NCS, designing FTNC systems is a very difficult task due to
the large number of sensors and actuators spatially distributed and network connected. To solve
this issue, a FTNC platform and toolbox are presented in this paper using simple and verifiable
principles coming mainly from a decentralized design based on causal modelling partitioning of the
NCS and distributed computing using multi-agent systems paradigm, allowing the use of agents
with well established FTC methodologies or new ones developed taking into account the NCS
The multi-agent platform and toolbox for FTNC systems have been built in Matlab/Simulink
environment, which is in our days the scientific benchmark for this kind of research. Although the
tests have been performed with a simple case, the results are promising and this approach is
expected to succeed with more complex processes.

Index Terms
Networked control systems, Fault-tolerant systems design, Decentralized design, Multi-agent
systems, Graph partitioning