ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 4    Date : April 2009

Modeling and Analysis for Obstacle Avoidance of a Behavior-Based Robot with Objected Oriented Methods
Qian Zhang, Yong-Fei Zhang, and Shi-Yin Qin
Page(s): 295-302
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Object Modeling Technique is widely applied in the field of software engineering; and in this paper we applied
this technique to model a mobile robot including its behaviors and interactions with environment. The paper
first describes key background knowledge about object oriented analysis in software engineering, behavior
based robotics and their similarities. Then, based on these similarities, the paper uses object oriented
methods of software engineering, such as unified modeling language (UML), to analyze and model the
architecture; and to design behaviors for a behavior-based robot, which is expected to wander with
autonomous obstacle avoidance in unknown environment. Object oriented methods permit a translation from
conceptual behavior models to computer programming representations, and separate concrete control
algorithms from robot modeling. With this approach, the paper implements a fuzzy algorithm for obstacle
avoidance behavior of the constructed behavior models in a physical robot, and made experiments in the given
indoor environment.

Index Terms
Behavior-based robotics, Objected oriented modeling, Obstacle avoidance, Mobile robot