ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 4    Date : April 2009

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Application of UPFC to Increase Transient Stability of Inter-Area Power System
Prechanon Kumkratug
Page(s): 283-287
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Modeling the Energy Output from an In-Stream Tidal Turbine Farm
Ye Li, Barbara J. Lence, and Sander M. Calisal
Page(s): 288-294
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Modeling and Analysis for Obstacle Avoidance of a Behavior-Based Robot with Objected
Oriented Methods
Qian Zhang, Yong-Fei Zhang, and Shi-Yin Qin
Page(s): 295-302
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Multi-agent Platform and Toolbox for Fault Tolerant Networked Control Systems
Mário J. G. C. Mendes, Bruno M. S. Santos and José Sá da Costa
Page(s): 303-310
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The Analgoscore: A Novel Score to Monitor Intraoperative Nociception and its Use for
Closed-Loop Application of Remifentanil
Thomas M. Hemmerling, Samer Charabati, Emile Salhab, David Bracco, and Pierre A. Mathieu
Page(s): 311-318
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Modeling and Decision Support for Analysis of Operator Errors in Complex Systems
Alexander M. Yemelyanov
Page(s): 319-329
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SSWP: A Social Semantic Web Portal for Effective Communication in Construction
Jinyue Zhang and Tamer E. El-Diraby
Page(s): 330-337
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A Charge-Sensing-Capable Source Driver for TFT Array Testing in System-on-Panel Displays
Chen-Wei Lin and Jiun-Lang Huang
Page(s): 338-346
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Distributed Generation Placement Design and Contingency Analysis with Parallel Computing
Wenzhong Gao and Xi Chen
Page(s): 347-354
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