ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 3    Date : March 2009

HW-SW Framework for Multimedia Applications on MPSoC: Practice and Experience
Yan Liu, Renfa Li, Cheng Xu, and Fei Yu
Page(s): 238-244
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Constructing a intelligence surveillance system using embedded video server requires a
sophisticated hardware/software framework for this system, and it should consider the
performance, cost and energy/power consumption constrains. This paper discusses the design
and implementation of an intelligence surveillance system which uses embedded multimedia
server as core computing platform. We have carefully designed the embedded server based on
MPSoC platform for the surveillance system whose key functionalities include heterogeneous
multiprocessors environment set up, key algorithm porting and development framework design.
The heterogeneous multiprocessors environment setup provides memory/communication
management among multiprocessors to enhance the programmability of platform. Using
realize/optimize the video encoding algorithm and porting to the TMS320DM6446 chip to guarantee
the availability of media streaming system based on network. The hardware/software development
framework provides an adequate mechanism which models signal processing in video
surveillance system as process network and provides integrated homogeneous abstract
programming environment. The proposed system has been implemented on an MPSoC platform
and it is fully operational. The design principles of the whole system are validated with real
experiments, and the performance characteristics are analyzed.

Index Terms
surveillance system, embedded system, H.264