ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 3    Date : March 2009

Design Web Services: Towards Service Reuse at the Design Level
Wang Chu and Depei Qian
Page(s): 193-200
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Service oriented software development has gained more and more importance in the area of
e-business. Most researchers focus on the semantic description of Web services and automated
composition but pay little attention to how to design Web services for supporting service reuse
effectively, thus a substantial amount of modeling and programming is still required. In this paper, a
pattern oriented service design method is presented by which all components of different
abstraction levels are uniform in regard to their specifications and composition mechanism. Pattern
oriented service design model provides a traceable and explicit link from business components to
software components so that the top-down service reuse at design level is supported, and the
service maintainer profits from the traceability because the impact of requirement or design
modifications can be better assessed. The semantic information of component specification can
support semantics based component reuse. The pattern oriented service design model can
improve development productivity by offering a better chance of reuse through better modularity.

Index Terms
Web service design, E-business, Pattern oriented design approach, Service reuse.