ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 2    Date : February 2009

Implementing a Computerized Charge Capture System to Improve Billing Work Flow and Reduce
Errors in Data Entry
Chiang S. Jao, Cathy M. Helgason, and Donna A. Zych
Page(s): 127-134
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Background: Traditional paper-based billing operation has experienced a high illegibility error rate
and the need for an extended processing time to cope with the billing tasks related to physician
reimbursement. We hypothesized that information technology can be adopted to improve the
effectiveness of the billing interface, assist in record keeping, and enhance financial outcomes of
clinical practice.
Methods: A computerized charge capture system was designed and deployed to test our hypothesis
that information technology could reduce illegibility during data entry and improve patient record
keeping and billing work flow.
Results: Physicians found that electronic juxtaposition of the pilot system with the electronic medical
record was helpful in patient data verification from the progress note. The pilot system was
successfully designed to assist physicians in improving information access, and to reduce
significant illegibility errors during data entry.
Conclusion: Although overall technical improvements may provide access to desired information,
major barriers to data entry and flawed health plan management systems still hamper the efficient
implementation and financial outcomes of the adoption of clinical information systems in this
time-pressured environment.

Index Terms
Clinical decision support, information technology, electronic charge capture, behavior change.