ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 2    Date : February 2009

Enhanced Energy-Aware Feedback Scheduling of Embedded Control Systems
Feng Xia, Longhua Ma, Wenhong Zhao, Youxian Sun, and Jinxiang Dong
Page(s): 103-111
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Dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) is one of the most effective techniques for reducing energy
consumption in embedded and real-time systems. However, traditional DVS algorithms have
inherent limitations on their capability in energy saving since they rarely take into account the actual
application requirements and often exploit fixed timing constraints of real-time tasks. Taking
advantage of application adaptation, an enhanced energy-aware feedback scheduling (EEAFS)
scheme is proposed, which integrates feedback scheduling with DVS. To achieve further reduction
in energy consumption over pure DVS while not jeopardizing the quality of control, the sampling
period of each control loop is adapted to its actual control performance, thus exploring flexible
timing constraints on control tasks. Extensive simulation results are given to demonstrate the
effectiveness of EEAFS under different scenarios. Compared with the optimal pure DVS scheme,
EEAFS saves much more energy while yielding comparable control performance.

Index Terms
Feedback Scheduling, Embedded Control Systems, Energy Management, Application Adaptation