ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 4    Issue : 1    Date : January 2009

Integration of Improved BPNN Algorithm and Multistage Dynamic Fuzzy Judgement and Its
Application on ESMP Evaluation
Zhibin Liu and Xiangsong Meng
Page(s): 69-76
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Under the information and knowledge economy era, strengthening the enterprise strategic
management can realize its sustained development in the intense market competition environment,
increase its ability of adapting environment, and enhance the competitive strength and the
competitive advantage. To evaluate the enterprise strategic management performance (ESMP)
scientifically and accurately, this paper overcomes the shortcoming of tradition linear ESMP
evaluation method, proposes a evaluation method which unifies the improved BP neural network
(BPNN) algorithm and the multistage dynamic fuzzy judgment (MDFJ), takes the multistage dynamic
fuzzy judgment as the sampling foundation, uses the BP neural network principle to establish
evaluation model. This method not only can exert the unique advantages of BP neural network, but
also overcome the difficulty of seeking the high grade training sample data. The ESMP evaluation of
14 enterprises indicates that the method to evaluate the ESMP is stable and reliable.

Index Terms
improved BP neural network, multistage dynamic fuzzy judgement, enterprise strategic
management performance, comprehensive evaluating, indices system