ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 3    Issue : 11    Date : November 2008

Intelligent Maneuvering Decision System for Computer Generated Forces Using Predictive Fuzzy
Inference System
Tsung-Ying Sun, Shang-Jeng Tsai, and Chih-Li Huo
Page(s): 58-66
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The purpose of this paper is to develop an intelligent maneuvering decision system (IMDS) for
computer generated forces (CGF). The proposed CGF can take actions similar to a human pilot to
gain an advantageous status over the enemy target using the IMDS. The IMDS will produce the best
control command from the control alternatives for the CGF in an air combat environment. In this
paper, a predictive fuzzy inference system (PFIS) is proposed as the IMDS for CGF, which
incorporates and mimics human thinking capability and the maximum capacity of CGF. Before PFIS
executes the fuzzy inference system (FIS) process, it will generate the control alternatives from CGF’
s decision space, and allow CGF to predict its future posture. This study assumes that CGF can
accurately predict an enemy target’s future position, and then PFIS applies the predicted data to
generate the best control command. In this paper, the proposed algorithm is verified with two types
of fighter flying data that are used as the enemy target’s flying trajectories. The simulation and
discussion of the proposed algorithm shows that PFIS will enable CGF to obtain the best status in
an air combat environment and the performance of the proposed algorithm will be affected by the
CGF’s prediction ability for enemy target.

Index Terms
intelligent maneuvering decision system (IMDS), computer generated forces (CGF), predictive fuzzy
inference system (PFIS)