ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 3    Issue : 11    Date : November 2008

The Weighting Analysis of Influence Factors in Gas Breakdown via Rough Set and GM(h,N)
Kun-Li Wen and Shih-Kuen Changchien
Page(s): 17-24
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In power system filed, to study the characteristics of the gas breakdown is essential and of
importance in designing the protection of high voltage system as well as to the power system
reliability. Hence, in this paper, the major purpose is to propose a refined mathematical approach
based on core finding in rough set method and GM(h,N) method in grey system theory to find the
priority of influence factor in gas breakdown. And also created rough set and GM(h,N) toolbox based
on Matlab, which to help the complex calculation and analysis. As the result, we not only can get the
rank of influence factor in gas breakdown, but also provides a new idea for extension the
applications of rough set and GM(h,N) method.

Index Terms
gas breakdown, rough set, GM(h,N) influence factor, Matlab toolbox