ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 3    Issue : 10    Date : October 2008

Design and Implementation of Spatial Data Mining System (M-SDM) based on MATLAB
Lu Zhao, Xinqi Zheng, and Shuqing Wang
Page(s): 66-70
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Taking the design of data analyzing software for imaging brain function — SPM (Statistical
Parameters Mapping) for reference, this study combined MATLAB, GIS and SDM organically,
constructed an SDM system framework on MATLAB platform, integrated the major algorithms such
as spatial association rule mining, spatial clustering analyzing, decision tree analyzing and so on,
and applied the system in land-use spatial database, aiming at enhancing the efficiency of massive
data processing and enlarging the application of MATLAB in spatial data mining, spatial vector data
processing and other aspects.

Index Terms
spatial data mining system; spatial association rule mining; spatial clustering; decision tree; GUI;