ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 3    Issue : 10    Date : October 2008

Special Issue:
Selected Best Papers of International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
2008 (WKDD 2008) - Track on Intelligent Computing

Guest Editors:
Qi Luo and Ben K. M. Sim

Article Information

Qi Luo and Ben K. M. Sim
Page(s): 1-2
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SW-R2P: A Trusted Small World Overlay P2P Network with Zero Knowledge Identification
Yingjie Xia, Guanghua Song, and Yao Zheng
Page(s): 3-11
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An Isomorphic New Algorithm for Finding Convex Hull with a Maximum Pitch of the Dynamical
Base Line Guided by Apexes Distributing Characteristics
Qihai Zhou, Tao Huang, and Hongyu Wu
Page(s): 12-19
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An Effective Mining Algorithm for Weighted Association Rules in Communication Networks
Jian Wu and Xing ming Li
Page(s): 20-27
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Research on Risk Evaluation in Supply Chain Based on Grey Relational Method
Peide Liu and Tongjuan Wang
Page(s): 28-35
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Data Fusion for Traffic Incident Detector Using D-S Evidence Theory with Probabilistic SVMs
Dehuai Zeng, Jianmin Xu, and Gang Xu
Page(s): 36-43
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Data Analysis and Statistical Behaviors of Stock Market Fluctuations
Jun Wang, Bingli Fan, and Dongping Men
Page(s): 44-49
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (535 KB)

Process Planning Knowledge Discovery Based on CAPP Database for Mechanical
Manufacturing Enterprise
Xiaoliang Jia, Zhenming Zhang, and Xitian Tian
Page(s): 50-57
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A Hypercube-based Scalable Interconnection Network for Massively Parallel Computing
Youyao Liu, Jungang Han, and Huimin Du
Page(s): 58-65
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Design and Implementation of Spatial Data Mining System (M-SDM) based on MATLAB
Lu Zhao, Xinqi Zheng, and Shuqing Wang
Page(s): 66-70
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A Parallel Algorithm for Gene Expressing Data Biclustering
Wei Liu and Ling Chen
Page(s): 71-77
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Reliability Design for Large Scale Data Warehouses
Kai Du, Zhengbing Hu, Huaimin Wang, Yingwen Chen, Shuqiang Yang, and Zhijian Yuan
Page(s): 78-85
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Conversation Extraction in Dynamic Text Message Stream
Le Wang,Yan Jia, and Yingwen Chen
Page(s): 86-93
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Accelerated Kernel CCA plus SVDD: A Three-stage Process for Improving Face Recognition
Ming Li and Yuanhong Hao
Page(s): 94-100
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Providing Awareness of Cooperative Efficiency in Collaborative Graphics Design Systems
through Reaction Mining
Bo Jiang, Jiajun Bu, and Chun Chen
Page(s): 101-108
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Mining Frequent Subgraph by Incidence Matrix Normalization
Jia Wu and Ling Chen
Page(s): 109-115
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