ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 3    Issue : 9    Date : September 2008

Human-Robot Communication with Hand-Clapping Language
(Consideration from Communication Impedance Matching Viewpoint)
Kazuyuki Hanahara and Yukio Tada
Page(s): 58-66
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Conventionally, human-robot communication and robot-robot communication are dealt with in
different manners in general. From the viewpoint of cooperation between human staff and robots as
a heterogeneous group, however, it is natural and desirable that all of the communication within the
group is performed based on a uniform communication manner. In this study, we deal with a
communication method that can be adopted for both human-robot and robot-robot communication.
We discuss a communication style by means of simple sound such as the hand-clapping. A
communication language is introduced; the configuration of syllables, the words and their parts of
speech and the syntax are discussed and designed from a general point of view. A perceptibility
assessment is performed for the syllables. A preliminary experimental study is performed and the
feasibility of the proposed human-robot communication style is examined. The concept of
communication impedance matching is introduced as an analogy of the electric impedance
matching. The feasibility of the proposed communication method is also discussed from this point
of view.

Index Terms
human-robot interaction, human interface, communication impedance matching, simple sound
signal, communication, hand-clapping