ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 3    Issue : 5    Date : May 2008

High Throughput VLSI Architecture for Blackman Windowing in Real Time Spectral Analysis
Kailash Chandra Ray and A. S. Dhar
Page(s): 54-59
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This paper presents a high throughput VLSI architecture for Blackman windowing. Since most of the
implementation of windowing functions for real time applications, are based on either ROM or DSP
processor. Here the proposed architecture is designed using major blocks like
CORDIC(CO-ordinate Rotation DIgital Computer) and Han-Carlson adder. This architecture is
flexible in terms of window length. So that a single chip can be used for those applications, where
variable length is required. The synthesized result of 16-bit word size architecture with commercially
available 0.18µm CMOS technology using Synopsys Design Analyzer, shows that the throughput of
this architecture is 400Msamples/s with core area of 21mm2 .

Index Terms
Blackman windowing, CORDIC, VLSI Architecture