ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 3    Issue : 5    Date : May 2008

Fuzzy Logic Bandwidth Prediction and Policing in a DiffServ-Aware Network
Norashidah Md Din and Norsheila Fisal
Page(s): 18-23
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Differentiated Services (DiffServ)-aware network potentially can provide the next generation platform
for multimedia support in the Internet. In this work we look at improving bandwidth allocation in such
a network. We study how to implement bandwidth predicting and policing in a DiffServ aware
network using fuzzy logic. A token bucket fuzzy logic bandwidth predictor for real time variable bit rate
traffic class is proposed. Here, the AF traffic class is associated with real time variable bit rates
traffic. The fuzzy logic bandwidth predictor facilitates bandwidth predicting and dynamic policing
based on the class based packet aggregates. This improves the admission control of connections
to the network. A simulation study was performed for the fuzzy logic predictor using Network
Simulator-2. The simulation results show that the fuzzy logic predictor gave commendable
bandwidth prediction value compared to a deterministic bandwidth allocation for the traffic class.

Index Terms
Fuzzy Logic, Bandwidth Prediction, DiffServ, Policing