ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 3    Issue : 1    Date : January 2008

Compiler Back End Design for Translating Multi-radio Descriptions to Operating System-less
Asynchronous Processor Datapaths
Dipnarayan Guha and Thambipillai Srikanthan
Page(s): 7-14
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Most asynchronous processor Instruction Set Architectures (ISA) are based on a single type of
underlying asynchronous circuit design style. Asynchronous processor ISAs are entirely dependent
on the type of asynchronous design style chosen and can support a limited set of simple
applications only. Design reuse is typically difficult to realize in such cases. In this paper, we show a
behavioral model of a predictor circuit system that configures an application profile-driven
asynchronous processor ISA comprising two asynchronous design styles. The predictor circuit
system is used to translate application profile and multi-radio code to the processor datapath
through a compiler back-end. The target is an asynchronous processor that does not run an
operating system and is used both as a complement and alternate to software-defined radios with
high degrees of design reuse.

Index Terms
asynchronous processor, ISA, predictor circuit, multi-radio, compiler back-end, design reuse