ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 3    Issue : 1    Date : January 2008

Article Information

Text Mining of Medical Records for Radiodiagnostic Decision-Making
William Claster, Subana Shanmuganathan, and Nader Ghotbi
Page(s): 1-6
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Compiler Back End Design for Translating Multi-radio Descriptions to Operating System-less
Asynchronous Processor Datapaths
Dipnarayan Guha and Thambipillai Srikanthan
Page(s): 7-14
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (391 KB)

Algorithms for Identifying the Multiple Syntactic Categories and Meanings of the Word Over
Yukiko Sasaki Alam
Page(s): 15-23
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Life Cycle for Change Management in Business Processes using Semantic Technologies
Uttam Kumar Tripathi, Knut Hinkelmann, and Daniela Feldkamp
Page(s): 24-31
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (593 KB)

Radar Signal Detection In Non-Gaussian Noise Using RBF Neural Network
D. G. Khairnar, S. N. Merchant, and Uday B. Desai
Page(s): 32-39
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Hybrid Approach to Collaborative Context-Aware Service Platform for Pervasive Computing
Dejene Ejigu, Marian Scuturici, and Lionel Brunie
Page(s): 40-50
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Analysis and Improved Recognition of Protein Names Using Transductive SVM
Masaki Murata, Tomohiro Mitsumori, and Kouichi Doi
Page(s): 51-62
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Design and Verification of Loosely Coupled Inter-Organizational Workflows with Multi-Level
Boleslaw Mikolajczak and Nirmal Gami
Page(s): 63-78
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The Enabling of an Execute-In-Place Architecture to Reduce the Embedded System Memory
Footprint and Boot Time
Tony Benavides, Justin Treon, Jared Hulbert, and Weide Chang
Page(s): 79-89
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (629 KB)