ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 2    Issue : 10    Date : December 2007

Schema-Based Compression of XML Data with Relax NG
Christopher League and Kenjone Eng
Page(s): 9-17
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The extensible markup language XML has become indispensable in many areas, but a significant
disadvantage is its size: tagging a set of data increases the space needed to store it, the bandwidth
needed to transmit it, and the time needed to parse it. We present a new compression technique
based on the document type, expressed as a Relax NG schema. Assuming the sender and receiver
agree in advance on the document type, conforming documents can be transmitted extremely
compactly. On several data sets with high tag density this technique compresses better than other
known XML-aware compressors, including those that consider the document type.

Index Terms
XML, data compression, tree compression, Relax NG, compact binary formats