ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 2    Issue : 9    Date : November 2007

A Recommendation-Based Pricing System for Information Goods Versioning
Wei-Lun Chang and Soe-Tsyr Yuan
Page(s): 67-76
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Information goods versioning is an essential and emerging topic of information goods pricing.
Myriad researchers have devoted considerable attention to developing and testing methods in
terms of versioning. Nevertheless, in addition; there are still certain shortcomings as the challenges
to be overcome. This study encompasses the software maintenance concept (mean error rate) to
develop a recommendation-based system which maintains the profits automatically with
recommendations. The present paper also proposes economic model and algorithm to prove the
feasibility with certain contributions: (1) provides an automatic system to maintain the profits, (2)
deliberates the recommendations from knowledge base, and (3) offers an appropriate
recommendation to versioning strategy.

Index Terms
Information goods versioning, software maintenance, knowledge base