ISSN : 1796-203X
Volume : 2    Issue : 9    Date : November 2007

An Integrated Self-Testing Framework for Autonomic Computing Systems
Tariq M. King, Alain E. Ramirez, Rodolfo Cruz, and Peter J. Clarke
Page(s): 37-49
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As the technologies of autonomic computing become more prevalent, it is essential to develop
methodologies for testing their dynamic self-management operations. Self-management features
in autonomic systems induce structural and behavioral changes to the system during its execution,
which need to be validated to avoid costly system failures. The high level of automation in
autonomic systems also means that human errors such as incorrect goal specification could yield
potentially disastrous effects on the components being managed; further emphasizing the need for
runtime testing. In this paper we propose a self-testing framework for autonomic computing
systems to dynamically validate change requests. Our framework extends the current architecture of
autonomic systems to include self-testing as an implicit characteristic, regardless of the
self-management features being implemented. We validate our framework by creating a prototype
of an autonomic system that incorporates the ability to self-test.

Index Terms
autonomic computing, testing, validation.